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Job offer:
Position: Welder
Location: Poland, Szczecin
  • Responsibilities
  • manual and semi-automatic welding - bottom welds (PB) according to technical drawing or welding table
  • measuring welds
  • passing the welded joint
  • manual and semi-automatic welding of constructions in forced positions in one of the groups: 1. ceiling joints, risers; PC (wall), PD (eaves), PE (ceiling), PF (vertical) 2. pipes: PA, PB, PC, PF.
  • electro-air gouging / cutting
  • performing weld repairs

Work schedule: 7 day per week, work according to a fixed schedule, min 168 per month

Salary: 25,00 net/ h

Overtime hours: There is a possibility to increase working hours

  • Benefits
  • free accommodation
  • Requirements
  • vocational, technical (mechanical) education
  • 2 years of experience in the profession
  • permissions 136 (powder)
  • welding positions: PB (below), PC (wall), PD (eaves), PE (ceiling), PF (vertical)
  • qualifications 135 (solid wire), 111 (electrode welding)
  • ability to read WPS (Welding Instruction)
  • knowledge of technical drawing and welding table
  • ability to take measurements (joint meter)
  • the skill of manual and semi-automatic welding
  • ability to read NDT test results (non-destructive testing)
  • knowledge of welding technologies and processes
  • automatic welding skills

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