Montage of ship hulls

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Job offer:
Position: montage of ship hulls
Location:Poland, Szczecin
  • Responsibilities
  • routing for assembly works
  • sheet metal cutting according to free hand routes with an oxygen torch
  • grinding and cleaning of elements (edges) at the workplaces (hall, unit)
  • performing grinding works on spatial sections - under supervision
  • making tack welds
  • auxiliary works in assembly pairs
  • performing chamfering of sheets according to free hand routes
  • assembly of the structure according to technical documentation
  • optionally as a guide in a pair of fitters
Work schedule: 7 day per week, work according to a fixed schedule, min 168 per month
Salary: 25,00 net/ h
Overtime hours: There is a possibility to increase working hours
  • Benefits
  • free accommodation
  • Requirements
  • vocational, technical (hull) education
  • 2 professional experience as a fitter
  • cutting and tacking qualifications
  • hook and lifting rights - optional
  • permission to work at height
  • knowledge of technical drawing
  • ability to read documentation (catalogs, performance standards, technological instructions, sketches of stiffening processing)
  • the ability to take measurements
  • knowledge of tracing techniques
  • knowledge of methods for preventing excessive welding deformations
  • knowledge of the phenomenon of deformation

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