Mission and vision


iPrime Jobs are innovative and effective ways to meet the staffing needs of every Entrepreneur, combined with respectful and professional support of employees from outside Poland.

Thanks to us, every person’s dream of a better job and a better future can materialise.


Respect for anyone, regardless of age, job title or position, is an obvious thing to us. We build our brand by treating each person with whom we cooperate with respect, focusing on long-lasting and friendly relationships.

As a company, we are a team of people who support one another and work together to build its brand. We are proud of this and we boast about it. We strive to manage our workers in an optimal way, so that they can feel appreciated by us. We are always available to our employees to listen to their problems and to help to resolve them.

We look after our foreign staff with the same energy by organising good  housing conditions  and care of Polish-speaking coordinators for them, and by indicating the possibilities of growth and proper work-life balance. As a result of those actions, the integration of our employees with the Polish society is taking place more efficiently and allows them to make themselves at home in Poland within a shorter time.

We are people and we work for people. This is the approach that gives us the opinion of a trustworthy organization.

Our most important advantage is transparency of actions and fair presentation of conditions. We don’t use asterisks or fine print. The most important thing is the mutual understanding between both parties – this, in our philosophy, is the guarantee of success. The key words for us are: public communication, clear administration, easily digestible processes.

Our passion is to build bridges connecting people from all over the world. We constantly push the set boundaries by looking for new opportunities and possibilities of growth for each of us. We remain in constant motion – both literally and metaphorically – which guarantees quick adaptation to market needs and changing circumstances. Each difficulty is mearly a challenge to us.

We strive for perfection, we are innovative, industrious and visional, which guarantees that we can predict the market fluctuations in advance.


How we do it?

We are helping people to bridge a better career path and allows them to access the best way for future global success. Our core attributes are:
Our core attributes are:
The priority of iPrime Jobs is ongoing growth and self-improvement. We build a brand whose synonym is quality. We don’t aspire to become a large job agency network. Our goal is to become the first thought and the first association with the words “employment” and “work.” We want to create a market for employing foreign workers in Poland and set directions for its development. We strive to make the iPrime Jobs brand associated with professionalism, high quality, integrity, openness, partnership and kindness, valued by employers, employees and competition as a center of personal development.


Respect for people




Will win


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